How I Save Money Every Month With Amazon India Super Value Day

I am assuming that you must have already read my previous blog post as to how to save money with Amazon Lightning Deal. If you have not read that article, then I request you do so now.

In this article,

I am going to show you how I am savings hundreds of rupees if not more by shopping on Amazon Super Value Days.

Further, I will show you another trick to stack your cash back or Double dip Amazon Cashback  with Jio Recharge

See how to get Multiple Cashbacks with Amazon Pay Balance?

I will also cover how to transfer Amazon India Pay balance to a bank account?


Saving Money with Amazon Super Value Days



How Save Money Amazon India Super Value Day

Amazon Super Value Days are the 1st and 2nd day of new calendar month i.e. 1st and 2nd of January, 1st and 2nd of February and so on. On these two days, Amazon India cuts the prices of a wide variety of daily household items like washing detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, coffee powder, etc. If your total shopping bill is between 1500 and 3000, then you get 150 cash back from Amazon and another 700 from ICICI Bank. If you shop between 3000 – 4999, then you get 300 as cash back from Amazon and another 700 from ICICI Bank. Lastly, if you shop above Rs 5000 then you get 600 as cash back from Amazon and another 1200 from ICICI Bank. Most of the products are already discounted on Amazon India on those days plus you get minimum 30% cash back if you shop for more than 1500. I will show you my own example to show huge discount that I got recently

To drive home the point, I will show you my own example to show huge discounts that I got recently by shopping on Amazon India Super Value Days. I wanted to purchase Johnson Baby Shampoo, so I searched and found that Amazon India had a combo pack of 475ml along with 100ml of Johnson Baby lotion worth Rs 71 for Free. Both items together were listed at Rs 251 on Amazon India. I did comparison search on Da-Mart (using their Android App) and found that Da-Mart was selling it for 325 and that too without the baby lotion. So I added it to the cart along with other items making it total of Rs 1500+. I then paid with my ICICI Debit card to ensure that I get 150 + 300 cash back.


How Save Money Amazon India Super Value Day

So my total cost of  Johnson Baby Shampoo came to be 251 -75 (30% cashback) = 175 with Free shipping and plus I got another item – 100ml of Johnson Baby lotion for Free.


Jio Recharge with Amazon India Tip

I will show you a neat trick to recharge Jio number for 3 months for 399 and get Rupees 175 as Cashback. Basically, you will be able to stack your cash back or Double dip Amazon Cashback with this Jio Recharge trick.

Recharge of 399 gives you 1GB high-speed data per day for 84 days, unlimited local, STD, national roaming voice calls & SMS and access to Jio Premium apps.

First Load 500 using this link to Amazon Pay Balance and get 15% cashback – this way you will get 75 rupees cash back.

Now recharge your Jio number for 399 for Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer using this link.

You will get 99 rupees cash back.

So now after recharge of 399 and getting Amazon cash back, your Amazon cash back balance will be 275 rupees i.e you will receive 175 rupees as total cash back.

The cashback will be credited to Amazon Pay balance within 7 days.

Updated – 08/21/2017

So I received my Jio Cashback today for Rs 99 and here is the snapshot of that.

How Save Money Amazon India Super Value Day


How to get Multiple Cashbacks with Amazon Pay Balance?

Amazon India keeps coming with many cashback offers such as above wherein you simply add money to your Amazon Pay Balance and Amazon will add further money to your account as cashback. Recently I added Rs 500 to Amazon Pay balance during Great Indian Freedom Sale that ran from 4th August to 15th August 2017 on Yesterday I got the following email from Amazon informing that they have added Rs 75 to my account – which 15% Cashback and the best part is I can spend on specific categories and earn further cashback on it just like the Jio Offer above.

How Save Money Amazon India Super Value Day


Another Example of this is the Happy Salary Day Offer from Amazon that ran from  August 29th, 2017 – August 31st, 2017. Amazon India was giving 10% cashback up to Rs 500 i.e Max Cashback is Rs 500. First purchasers of Amazon Pay balance could get up to 20% Cashback. 

How Save Money Amazon India Super Value Day


Best way to know about these Deals and offers from Amazon India is to join this Telegram Channel which keeps updating you on all these deals – or follow on twitter –


How to transfer Amazon India Pay balance to a bank account?

This trick was posted by Pushkin Srivastava on Quora

Though there no such option to transfer your Amazon pay balance to your bank account in Amazon India, But IT CAN BE DONE in case of COD returns.

(For example : You need to return a product which you bought through COD, for that Amazon will ask you where to refund your money either in Amazon Pay or In your bank account, You thought that you wanna buy something else from Amazon so you ask them to transfer the money to your Amazon pay but later you changed your mind and you want your money back)

In this case, All you have to do is

Step 1: Send an email to Amazon customer service that you want to transfer your Amazon pay balance to your bank account

In reply, they will say something like this “I am sorry to inform you that we do not have any option for the refund to be credited to bank account once it is processed in form of Amazon pay balance.”

“In order to help you on this issue, I personally forward your message to our concern team and ask them to bring this future into our website.”

Step 2: Reply them back something like this “What???? Seriously!!!!! Why I can’t transfer my money to my bank account? I want my money back” (Make an impression that you are pissed off)

Interestingly their reply will be like this

“I’m sorry for the incorrect information provided by our previous agent. I’ve escalated this issue to our concern team and our concern team will coach our agent and take necessary action. So that this will not repeat with your future orders.”

“To help you better, I would request you to please update your Bank account details. So that we will help you in cancelling the Gift card and processing the refund to Bank account.”
“You can update your bank account details by logging into from a browser on your desktop.”

You can add your bank account by visiting the following link:…


How Save Money Amazon India Super Value Day


Step 3: Add your bank details through the Above Link and Send a reply that you have added your account details in your Amazon account.

And that’s it you will get your money back.

Here is the reply I got


Thank you for updating the bank account details.

I understand your concern about the refund for this order: XXX-XXXX-XXXXX in your bank account.

I will surely assist.

I have requested the full refund into your bank account.

The refund will be issued within next 24-48 hours.

It will be credited within 3-5 business days.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We’re constantly striving to improve our services and we hope to be able to provide a better experience soon. blah blah blah….

Thank you for being a valuable customer to Amazon.

Even if you may not find certain options in the Amazon, but still you can avail them through customer service. It just that there are things that they can do but do not provide the option for that to us.

And for those who have added money in Amazon pay by themselves and want it back can still follow the same procedure. If Amazon can return in the above case then there is no way that they can not return in the other cases. Afterall, they have to do is to deduct the money from Amazon pay and transfer it to your bank account.

Please note that we do not we don’t encourage this kind of approach but have listed just for the convenience of our readers. You can talk to the customer service and explain your genuine reasons for transfer the balance to a bank account. I am confident that they will help you. Link to Pushkin Srivastava original post on Quora – here


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