How to Save Money with Amazon India Lightning Deals

I had covered some tips and tricks to save money with here and since then many readers contacted me asking for additional tips. So here I am listing all the tips and tricks and show you how to save money with

As I wrote in this article – I frequently take advantage of “Amazon Pay” offers and Amazon Gift Cards like the picture below. I recently purchased a phone worth Rs 58,000 for only Rs 35,000 thereby saving Rs 23,000 which is very good savings. I did this by taking advantage of the lightning deal on Amazon plus Amazon Pay offer plus special cash back on one of my credit cards. This also a good example as to how you can smartly save money with without compromising on your lifestyle.

Tip #1:

Load up your “Amazon Pay” Account Balance whenever Amazon India comes up with any offer on it. See picture below wherein Amazon was giving 10% cashback up to Rs 500. Over time I have added more than Rs 50,000 using various Amazon Pay offers and I have received at least 6000+ as cash back which got added to my “Amazon Pay” Account Balance.

How Save Money Amazon India

Tip #2:

Another trick that you can use to save money with is the Gift Card trick

Step #1: Buy discounted gift cards from like the picture below and keep it ready with you. Discount on these gift card varies and I have seen that you can buy a deeply discounted gift card (up to 30% to 50%) few days before Diwali each year.

Habit of Saving India

Step #2: Most Branded stores like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Westside, etc. come out with two major sales every year – One in January and second in July wherein they discount their products up to 50% at the time of Sale. So, you can double dip or double your discount with this gift card trick and buy quality branded stuff at very cheap prices.


Tip #3: 

You can also use Chrome Extension for automatically finding coupons. I am using BuyHatke chrome extension for doing that. You can get it here – Link

Tip #4:

This is going to be little long so please bear with me. You can save loads of money on high ticket items like Mobile phones, Laptops, iPads, etc using this Tip. Amazon India offers Up to 70% Discount on items like Electronics, Laptops, Clothing, Shoes and many other items each Day. It is done by leveraging Amazon India Lightning Deals.

First, let me explain to you – How Lightning Deals Work in Amazon India:

Amazon India puts anywhere from 200 to 1,000 products on Lightning Deal Sales. These sales usually last 2 to 4 hours and are limited to the stock Amazon India has. Most of the times they are fulfilled and sold by itself. Amazon Lightning Deals in India cover all categories of Amazon India.

They also have theme days, like Lego Day or Red Tape Shoes Day (to name just a couple) where they put many items by the same company on sale ALL at the same time!  It’s a great way to get several good deals on your favourite brands!

From this year, they have started giving their Prime members access to many of the deals 30 minutes before other non-members! (You can try an Amazon Prime Membership for FREE!)  Look for Prime Early Access Deal under the start time for Early Access to TONS of great lightning deals every day!


Things that you should Know for this Tip:

There is a time limit and a claim limit on every deal.  It can vary from a few of the items to hundreds.  Go into the deals expecting them to go fast.  Especially if its mobile phone category.

How Save Money Amazon India

The deal is gone / vanished once the time limit or the claim limit is reached (whichever is first).  BUT you can still get the deal if you miss it by following these steps:

  1. Join the waiting list, and stay on that page of Amazon (Why – because you only have 3 minutes to claim the deal when it becomes available to you). Basically, if anyone who has put that item in their cart and has not checked out then it goes to the first person on the waiting list. So, refresh your Amazon page every 2 minutes to make sure it isn’t your turn to claim it.
  2. If you don’t have Prime, make sure you have everything you need to get to the Rs 599 shipping level in your cart, so you can check out immediately when it’s your turn. At the last minute, you don’t want to look for items to make shipping free and possibly miss the deal itself. The easiest way to get around that is to try an Amazon Prime Membership FREE!  You get 30 days of free 2-day shipping benefits, so NOW is a perfect time!
  3. Lightning deals do not work on mobile devices unless you have the Amazon mobile app, and even then, there is usually a delay.  I recommend working directly from your laptop and have a good Wi-Fi connection.

How Save Money Amazon India

You can check up on lightning deals once every day by clicking the image above and when you see your favourite item on sale, then quickly buy it with your Amazon Pay balance without wasting any time.


Tip #5:

Amazon gives you filters on the left side which you can choose to find discounts up to 50% and even up to 70% off. You can use this along with category filters and get products at HUGE Discounts.



So Use these tips in isolation and combine them to get a great deal for yourself. And if you are interested in finding deeply discounted deals the join this Telegram group –

Telegram is a messaging app similar to WhatsApp. You can download Telegram from Apple iOS App Store or Google Android Play Store. The advantage of the above group is that you get access to tons of deals from various sources.

Other Tips for Shopping at Amazon India.

As per Amazon terms – Orders with items that are Fulfilled by Amazon worth Rs. 599 or more will qualify for free delivery. A delivery charge of Rs.50 will be applied otherwise.

Avoid The Delivery Charges For Order Less than Rs 599

Amazon India supplies a large number of everyday items and accessories such as Washing Powder, Coffee, Air Fresheners, Baby Products at prices that are deeply discounted.

But, the problem is, you have to Pay Rs 50 if the total order value is less than Rs 599.

How Save Money Amazon India


You can avoid this Rs 50 delivery fees simply by buying any one of the Beauty-related Products Fulfilled by Amazon. 


You may include products such as, Garnier skin naturals that are priced at Rs 20 only.

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem Wash, 15ml

You may also avoid the Shipping and delivery charges by including a Pre-order item such as an unreleased book or perhaps video game.

Amazon India will not charge a fee for the Pre-ordered items until they ship, therefore it would be your decision whether or not to buy the pre-ordered item or cancel out the order. But be careful as Amazon might terminate your account if you do this too many times or in a fraudulent manner.

You can get your Money Back or Replacement for Defective Article without sending it back 

In the event, you have received a defective product that was delivered by Amazon ( Amazon Fulfilled items ), you can expect to get a replacement order with a faster shipping order. And If the damaged product was sold by a 3rd party vendor, you will get a refund for the total price of the order. 

I will tell you my own encountering which I had managed this type of scenario:

I had purchased a Philips BT1005 Beard Trimmer at The Amazon India and I was not in the town on the following day, and also my mobile phone was not in the coverage area. 

How Save Money Amazon India

I taught that the product will be delivered after 2 or 3 days, however, on the following day of the purchase, I got the ‘Item Delivered Successfully’ SMS message. 

I taught that my wife had taken the delivery but to my shock, she informed me that she hadn’t got any package. I got in contact with Amazon customer support regarding this, and they requested me to wait for 2 or 3 days. 

After around 2 Days, I once more got in touch with them and said that I hadn’t got the order. Right away, they gave me FULL Refund

On the following day, I approached the courier service and found that have misplaced it. After a week, I got my package. Because of this issue with courier service, I got my original product after 12 days.

I emailed Amazon customer care regarding this, and they informed me to keep the product together with refund

How Save Money Amazon India

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