List of best financial advisors in Borivali

Financial Advisors Borivali

You would have seen my blog post with respect to how to select a financial advisor  / planner in India. In that post I have listed down in detail various challenges that most people face when selecting a financial advisor  / planner.  

First is the fact that many of them call themselves as either financial planner, financial services, financial advisor, wealth manager, investment advisor, so on and so forth. When I tried calling these financial advisors, they turned out to be simply in insurance agent or mutual fund distributors who are only interested in selling you or rather mis-selling insurance and high commission mutual funds.

Also one has to evaluate their education, experience, whether their source of income is based on commission, their ethical values and whether he /she offers a complete one stop solution For all your financial needs.

This becomes even more daunting when you consider that Mumbai itself as close to  5000 financial services firms. But please be aware that most of the sperms or either a mutual fund distributor or simply insurance agents. They claim to be doing financial planning but they are simply using some software or Excel sheet to build up a story to sell you a high commission Mutual Fund or a high commission insurance policy

I will list down financial advisors / planners in Borivali that I know are pretty good and hope you will find it helpful. So far I have found only one But I am sure that as time passes I will find more and I will list them down here.


Phone: 9769760917

They are located in Kandivali (which is not too far from Borivali) and are very professional. What I like about them is their sound approach to financial planning. It’s headed by chartered accountant, they offer one stop solution for all your financial needs such as Financial planning, Taxation, insurance, Estate planning,  Reality advisory and college counselling. Below is the google map of their location as shared by their partner.



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