Analyze your exposure in various MF schemes

Recently I got this question from a reader –

Dear Sir, is there any website/Tool – (Paid or Free)  to analyze your exposure to specific securities in your mutual fund portfolio? I should be able to do it for both Equities as well as Debt Funds; for example – If I hold IDFC Premier Equity and Quantum Long Term Equity, then the tool should be able to analyze and tell me how much total exposure I have to specific stock.

Answer:  Yes, the best available tool to do this is vro – You simply create a portfolio at vro, add various stocks or mutual funds that you hold and then go to Analysis tab.


In the Analysis tab, you get details such as…

Analyze your exposure

Portfolio Summary: It gives you the status of your investments, current market value, the Total gain/loss and the return on investment of all your investments put together.

Portfolio Asset Allocation: A pictorial representation of the percentage of the portfolio’s net assets held in equity, debt, cash equivalent instruments and commodities.

Top Equity Positions: Represents a listing of top 15 stocks that comprise your overall portfolio. Percentage of net assets represents how much does a particular stock account for in the total portfolio.

Top Sector Weightage: This section displays the percentage of total stock holdings invested in each sector.

Top Debt Positions: This list represents the top 15 debt instruments that comprise your overall portfolio. Percentage of net assets represents how much any given debt holding accounts for in the overall portfolio.

Rating Breakup: This is the percentage of total debt holdings classified according to their credit rating.

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